Monday, January 11, 2010

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Field of Stripes

Loved this photo when I came across it on FFFFOUND! (via aspire to enquire).  Unfortunately, I can't locate the original, but it's a brilliant landscape regardless of the "why?" or "how?"

Taking inspiration from these painted fields, I pulled together the pieces below. Bright, multicolor stripes paired with less dramatic solids make for an interesting combo in the home.

Clockwise from top left:
Striped vase by D&G Design on That's Arte ($209)
Corona sofa in Pear from Macy's ($699)
5' x 8' stripes rug at Target ($299.99)
Karlstad chair in Sivik dark green by Ikea ($229.99)
Yellow cable throw from CB2 ($49.95)
Al Fresco stripe baskets from Pier 1 ($18 and $24)
Pantone stripe mugs from Heal's (£8.00)
Purple daisy mum in striped pot by deLa Flowers (via Shop Fresh Flowers)
Panier side table container from Hive Modern ($129)
Adirondack side table in Forest Green from Eon
Stripe multicolor textur tablelamp from Ikea ($29.99)
Striped accent pillow by Crate and Barrel ($21.95)
Linen pillow in Pesto from CB2 ($34.95)

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Post-Turkey Return

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Didn't get the chance to post last week, since I was running around prepping for (and ultimately enjoying!) the holiday. Lots of fun crammed into the last 5 days or so... I'm still trying to recover! Not only did I have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, I played hostess for our 5th annual "friendsgiving" on Saturday, aptly titled Thanksgiving 2 (or T-Givs 2 for short). Flaming marshmallow drama aside, it was a wonderful time spent with my favorite people, sharing my favorite foods.

The photo above is of a little arrangement I put together for the celebration, inspired by found items from the Fall. Shadow boxes and floating frames were used to display various nuts, cinnamon sticks, leafs, feathers and a few fabric scraps that tied in with my palette. Glass bottles wrapped in twine held branches and floral stems, while pine cones and mason jar votives punctuated the display. For the focal point, I affixed unfinished wooden letters (custom made by to a 24" x 36" canvas and propped up the number 2 in front for added dimensionality.

I didn't document my work in progress, but everything here is easily DIY-able! The bottles did take a while to wrap, but I love the way they turned out. Super cheap to make, and the end result is something that I'll get a lot of use from! All of the frames will also be recycled for other projects, or become a part of everyday décor.

Did you host your own holiday get together? What are some of the things you did to dress up the room or table? Feel free to share pictures if you have them!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Magical Stained Glass

Loving this photo featured on Apartment Therapy from this year's Bienalle International Art Exhibit in Venice.  The colorful reflection on the floor is from American artist Spencer Finch's "Moonlight" installation, an ode to stained glass created by applying gel filters to existing windows throughout the space. The hanging incandescent bulbs make up Finch's "Moondust," which complement the windows and add a magical feeling to the room. Check out more photos from: Spring Globe's flickr 

The colors and lighting in this picture are absolutely gorgeous. Stained glass is incredibly dramatic, and the idea of creating a simple and temporary stained glass window with colored film is brilliant. Maybe one day I'll take that up as a DIY project! In the meantime, here are some easy ways to instantly incorporate a stained glass feel into your home décor.

Clockwise from top left:
Aqua stained glass table lantern with metal handle from Glassware Manufacturers 
Butterscotch stained glass lamp and multicolor lamp from Charmaine's Past & Present 
Mixed color glass mosaic tiles by EVIT 
Amber mosaic glass bowl by Glassware Manufacturers 
Tree of Life stained glass window from Stained Glass & More
Stained glass leaded mirror by Libby Harri at Tinted View
Glass genie bottle from the large decanter collection by Joe Cariati 
Recycled collage made from fused glass dinnerware and bottles, featured on Southern Exposures (similarly amazing work available from Daniel Mahr Stained Glass Studio )
Other worlds kaleidoscope with stained glass wheel from Anthropologie 
Turquoise blue gilded glass votive with horizontal and vertical accents from Luna Bazaar 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So Much Glitter

In the process of cruising Etsy for some craft ideas, I came across these awesome items from Judy's Mosaic Supplies. I've always wanted to create mosaics, and these shiny (and cheap!) materials are especially tempting.  From left to right: Goldwater Silvercoat Stained Glass Tiles, Silver Metallic Coarse Sand Glitter, and Glass Gems in Electric Black

How can you not love something that shimmers in the light? I have quite an affinity for sparkling items, but rarely take the opportunity to work them into my wardrobe. Glittery clothing and accessories can be borderline over-the-top, but certain pieces in neutral metallic colors can make quite a statement when paired with more modest basics. I'd be proud to rock any of these beauties below..

Clockwise from top left:
Stone color wavy sequin blouse from Topshop  ($90)
Crushed glitter minaudiere by J. Crew  ($49.50)
Marc by Marc Jacobs faux bow glitter ring on Zappos ($54)
Black Silence & Noise sequin tee from Urban Outfitters ($48)
Sequin brooches by jeweler Joanna Campbell featured via Fingers
Black stingray cuff bracelet in luluka's Etsy store ($40)
ABS sequined shift dress at Saks Fifth Avenue ($360)
Sequin scarf in iron from Ann Taylor Loft ($29.50)
Christian Louboutin Fred Flat glitter in anthracite at Barney's ($595)
Glitter shimmer pot in silver by Sephora  ($8)
Silence & Noise sequin skirt from Urban Outfitters ($88)
Marni glitter flower necklace on Brown's
Nude glitter pump by Christian Louboutin at Bergdorf Goodman ($595)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Junk Food

This odd little illustration by Jared Stumpenhorst, originally dreamed up as a t-shirt design for Woot, caught my eye mostly because of the interesting selection of snacks. I've seen the burger/fries combo on t-shirts, the cupcakes and candy combo, even a family of fruits with faces--but I'd yet to come across such a fine sampling of junk food. 

The nervous smiles on their faces make me wonder, are they self-conscious about the way some might look down on them? Or are they about to get eaten by someone more like me?

Let's face it, these snacks may not be the best for your diet, but there are some benefits to cooking them in your own kitchen. Healthy recipes and fresh ingredients can take out a lot of the yuck-factor from these usually mass-produced treats. Alternatively, making a conscious decision to buy all-natural alternatives to your old favorites can help satisfy a craving without doing any real damage. Everything in moderation, right? Ahh, junk food..

Clockwise from top left:
Really simple homemade pizza from (one of my favorites!) Smitten Kitchen 
Copycat Oreo cookie recipe by Cupcake Project 
Soft pretzel recipe from Cooking Light via My Recipes 
Healthy microwave potato chips from Fat Free Vegan 
100% natural GuS (Grown-up soda) available in a variety of flavors
Fried chicken photo from Sweet Tea with Lemon , recipe by Alton Brown 
Homemade peanut butter cups from Genesis of a Cook 
Glazed donut holes recipe by Diana's Desserts 
Greek lamb burgers with spinach, red onion and Feta from Bon Appétit
Fresh fruit roll-ups recipe by Sugarlaws