Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Field of Stripes

Loved this photo when I came across it on FFFFOUND! (via aspire to enquire).  Unfortunately, I can't locate the original, but it's a brilliant landscape regardless of the "why?" or "how?"

Taking inspiration from these painted fields, I pulled together the pieces below. Bright, multicolor stripes paired with less dramatic solids make for an interesting combo in the home.

Clockwise from top left:
Striped vase by D&G Design on That's Arte ($209)
Corona sofa in Pear from Macy's ($699)
5' x 8' stripes rug at Target ($299.99)
Karlstad chair in Sivik dark green by Ikea ($229.99)
Yellow cable throw from CB2 ($49.95)
Al Fresco stripe baskets from Pier 1 ($18 and $24)
Pantone stripe mugs from Heal's (£8.00)
Purple daisy mum in striped pot by deLa Flowers (via Shop Fresh Flowers)
Panier side table container from Hive Modern ($129)
Adirondack side table in Forest Green from Eon
Stripe multicolor textur tablelamp from Ikea ($29.99)
Striped accent pillow by Crate and Barrel ($21.95)
Linen pillow in Pesto from CB2 ($34.95)


  1. That looks like Holland- tulips? Very very pretty!

  2. they are dutch tulips! the photo is from the daily mail. i don't know why, but it won't let me paste the website address in the comment box.

  3. Thanks guys! That's amazing!
    It doesn't even look real! I did a Google Image search for "tulip fields" and found tons of other awesome photos. So beautiful =)

  4. Sidenote: maybe I'll have to re-do this post one day using tulips as an inspiration instead!

  5. I gave you guys an award on my blog, cause I love you so much! :)