Monday, November 2, 2009

One for the Forest

This happy little guy is a creation from Bosque, as seen on the bosque photostream.  Bosque is a particularly awesome new design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that works with a wide range of media. From graffiti murals and print designs to 3D installations, tote bags and commissioned designs for Vans, the Bosque team applies their street art-inspired style in some pretty unique ways.

I loved this sticker design for its muted colors and its trees-make-me-smile message. Trees do happen to make me smile, and with the lovely fall leaves outside my window, I've been thinking a lot lately about applying this inspiration to an eco-friendly fall event.

The natural linen table runner below would look great with the Japanese Maple bonsai landscape, or any other bonsais you might find to match your style! I prefer a lot of the deciduous trees, but indoor bonsais would be a great takeaway for guests to keep in their own homes. Check out bonsai rental services in your area for the same look at a lower cost.

Photo-realistic forest wallpaper murals and votives wrapped in birch bark take things one step further in transforming your space into a woodsy sanctuary. Throw in some branches and other rustic details and you're well on your way..

Screenprinted leaf table runner in natural/cream linen by elisabethbentz on Etsy ($68)
Manzanita candelabra branch from West Elm  ($99)
Hand-engraved pint glasses with branches and leaves by daydreemdesigns on Etsy ($28.50)
Screenprinted fig leaf napkin, also by Elisabeth Bentz ($18)
Sunrise dahlia, photo from Eiseman Color Blog
Woodgrain fabric in Chocolate from Aviary by Joel Dewberry ($9.50/yd at Quilt Home )
Birch votives with natural bark from Crate & Barrel  ($3.95-$9.95)
"Misty Forest" photo mural wallpaper by Murals Your Way ($5.57/sq ft for vinyl print)
Japanese Maple bonsai penjing landscape by Qingquan Zhao via Art of Bonsai
Natural pine cone garland from Wisteria via Remodelista
Rustic floral arrangements by Stephanie Elhayani of Seed Floral for Kevin & Paige on Once Wed