Friday, November 20, 2009

Magical Stained Glass

Loving this photo featured on Apartment Therapy from this year's Bienalle International Art Exhibit in Venice.  The colorful reflection on the floor is from American artist Spencer Finch's "Moonlight" installation, an ode to stained glass created by applying gel filters to existing windows throughout the space. The hanging incandescent bulbs make up Finch's "Moondust," which complement the windows and add a magical feeling to the room. Check out more photos from: Spring Globe's flickr 

The colors and lighting in this picture are absolutely gorgeous. Stained glass is incredibly dramatic, and the idea of creating a simple and temporary stained glass window with colored film is brilliant. Maybe one day I'll take that up as a DIY project! In the meantime, here are some easy ways to instantly incorporate a stained glass feel into your home décor.

Clockwise from top left:
Aqua stained glass table lantern with metal handle from Glassware Manufacturers 
Butterscotch stained glass lamp and multicolor lamp from Charmaine's Past & Present 
Mixed color glass mosaic tiles by EVIT 
Amber mosaic glass bowl by Glassware Manufacturers 
Tree of Life stained glass window from Stained Glass & More
Stained glass leaded mirror by Libby Harri at Tinted View
Glass genie bottle from the large decanter collection by Joe Cariati 
Recycled collage made from fused glass dinnerware and bottles, featured on Southern Exposures (similarly amazing work available from Daniel Mahr Stained Glass Studio )
Other worlds kaleidoscope with stained glass wheel from Anthropologie 
Turquoise blue gilded glass votive with horizontal and vertical accents from Luna Bazaar 


  1. Wow nice glass, I will like to have this stuff in my place because looks creepy. haha thanks nice psot.