Monday, September 14, 2009

Step right up

Who doesn't love 3D? Silly question, because the answer is NOBODY. Especially when it's a 3D illustration of some crazy flower that looks like it could simultaneously rip your head off and scream/sing about it.  

This poster from The Forge Shop ($10 w/ glasses) inspired me to pull together some items to create a theme that walks a fine line between whimsical and bizarre.  The font in the bottom left-hand corner of this design reminded me of a retro circus or carnival, so I'm going with garden party meets Coney Island sideshow-- "Step right up to see our LIVE 10-foot dahlia belt out a hauntingly beautiful melody..."

Clockwise from top left:  
Fabric swatch, "Bright" from Robert Kaufman's London Calling collection
Photos of a hot pink ranunculus, succulent plant and pink pom pom dahlia
Spiny Seaflower letterpress card ($9 for set of 4) from blackbirdletterpress on Etsy
Cool Breeze striped votives ($8 for set of 3) from Plum Party
Santolino cast iron bistro chair ($116) from Home Decorators
White Moroccan lantern ($6) from Glen Market
Candy stripe paper cups from the Paper Cup Company in baby blue and cotton candy
Giant blue and white swirl lollipop ($29) from Candy Warehouse
Photo of cotton candy
White clay pots ($12) from GRDN
Handmade Mexican ceramic vase from Aid to Artisans 

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