Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dressing Fall

I love the idea of simplifying your wardrobe, especially now when the weather is tricky to dress for. One day it's 80 and sunny and the next it's 60 and hurricane winds are knocking you around the avenue.

The Uniform Project takes the simplification process to the extreme, in a good way. Sheena Matheiken wears one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion and to create awareness for the Akanksha Foundation. It's a fascinating exercise in accessorizing and layering and basically stretching what you have. She's really got a knack for it.

This particular photo reminds me of fall (is it the orange against the green?) in the city. The little "1" in the corner is especially endearing!

TCHO Chocolate bars from The Lovely Package
Bottle lighting from Zero
Hidden Hamlet Plates from Anthropologie
Honey Dipped Booties from Anthropologie
Tin Can Lids from Twig and Thistle
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Fragrance from "Fashion's Night Out"
Soap packaging from Pan tu nie stal

1 comment:

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