Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunny Morning

There are only a few things I enjoy about waking up early in the morning.  Quiet streets and the warm golden light of a sunrise, as captured here by Grouillote on DeviantArt, are two of my favs. Having some extra time to prepare the most important meal of the day can't hurt either. 

Usually reserved for weekends, some of these big breakfast dishes look so scrumptious that I'm tempted to adjust my alarm clock to allow for a mid-week treat. Rise and shine!

Clockwise from top left:
Turkey breakfast sausage from Cooking with Michele
Pepper avocado omelette by Debbie Shore featured in The Seattle Times
Pumpkin-ginger waffles from Country Living magazine
Oven-baked crispy bacon (the ONLY way to cook bacon) by SafeToEat
Banana, honey and pecan stuffed French toast by Jamie Oliver
Mulled cider with cinnamon and cloves by The Dish on Delish
Lemon crumb muffin recipe from Taste of Home
Brioche cinnamon rolls by What Geeks Eat

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