Thursday, September 24, 2009

Button Bonanza

Well, I'll have to admit, this is an  extremely literal interpretation of the above photo from Chris Glass, but I couldn't help myself! Buttons are cool.

I hardly ever bother incorporating buttons into my crafts, but it's clear that I should! All of the ideas below would be simple to recreate with your own personal touch. I especially love the button hair pins: bobby pin + button + hot glue = super cute! You really can't argue with such a cheap and quick way to jazz up your everyday accessories. 

Check out the links for tutorials and more button-centric inspiration!

Clockwise from top left:
Vintage button earrings from edithandlulu's Etsy shop ($12)
Handmade crochet headband with button accents from brokenhallelujah's Etsy shop ($10.50)
Button Hairclips photo from Flickr, DIY tutorial on Martha Stewart's site
Candy buttons tutorial with cute printable labels for gift-giving, Bake It Pretty blog
How-to: Colorful button bouquet from American Crafts Studio
1940's Vintage necklace with French China button from Bumbershoot Design's Etsy shop ($23.50)
Herringbone stripe button purse from Nonsuch's Etsy Shop 
DIY tutorial for personalized shrinky dink graphic buttons at Oh! I like That!
Letterpress stationery with scissor and button pattern from Letterpress's Etsy shop ($4.00)
Making a button clock article from Martha Stewart

Plus, check out this book of neat button crafts by Susan Beal (Amazon)! Oh the possibilities..

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  1. hahaha that's nice, it's good to use imagination, but well thanks I'm gonna work in something new now.