Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fowl Friends

Even though the fall is creeping in and the mornings are freezing in my apartment, an (seemingly) invisible bird outside my window insists on waking me up instead of letting my usual alarm clock do its job. Don't birds migrate south in cold weather? What happened to this guy and why did he get left behind? Maybe I'll try to catch him and domesticate him. OR I'll just look at these lovely curiosities on boxes from Lyndie Dourthe! Amazing!

Clockwise from left
Rotulos Roura company owl in Barcelona via Whorange
Paper mobile from Sandra Juto
Owl Plushie from Night Owl Papergoods
Birdhouse dolls from Tamar Morgendorff
Owl painting from Andrew Holder
Owl Book End from Chatchada
Godzilla Grows Feathers matte print from Charmine Olivia's Etsy
WAWAYA owls from Gnip
Bird Sketches paper print from dolangeiman's Etsy
Owl candlesticks from Laura Walls Taylor's Etsy
Cardinal garden bell from The Gardener
Bird Mobile from Grayhood
Lacy Bird bowls from Prince Design UK's Etsy
Amma maternity stationary from Beastpieces
A Simple Bird from BROOKLYNrehab's Etsy

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