Friday, October 16, 2009

Type Your Life

This photo is both hilarious, endearing, and cool from a featured nursery on Apartment Therapy. By the way, what is that bunny doing there?

Big, decorative letters seem to be a growing trend in interior design. You can get these letters everywhere now. The hardest part is really which letters to buy and what to spell. Suggestions anyone? Or should I just create an homage to this blog, M-I-S-M-A-T-C-H-E-R-I-E?

Clockwise from left:
Letter A light from Perch! Design
Personalized G napkins from Envelop
Letter D from Daily Dropcap
F pendant from Ariel Gordon
Initial ring from MAstyle
Typographic fashion E and A from TypeNeue
Letter P from Briar Press
Letter Lights Balls from Perch! Design
Letter B from Daily Dropcap
Laser Cut Scarfs from LittleFactory
Austin Press calling card from Snippet and Ink
NB from Wohnbedarf
Fail Harder Pushpin Board from W+K
Cut paper Q from Grayhood
Hand Lettering from Joel Holland

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