Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gadgets I Need

I may love super girly things like Anjelica's post about that pink cake, but I love electronics too. I am always looking for new headphones, an interesting clock for my living room, a robot friend etc. So when I saw this concept for the new PS3 system and I went kind of google-eyed. I think a nicely designed product that is both functional and beautiful is hard to find. Often when I do stumble on the perfect thing, its a 'concept' piece, which just means it hasn't been put into production just yet. But one can dream, right?

Clockwise from top left:

Honda Personal Mobility Device from CarPictures
Dream Heart Portable Speaker from ChipChick
Chrysler Peapod Mobility Car from Peapod
Zumreed Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker from PortableGadget

FujiFilm Instax 210 Camera from Fujifilm
Wood Station Weather Display from ThinkGeek
Ora by Alexandros Stasinopoulos Watch from PicoCool
Splitterbot Headphone sharing mini bot from Tesora
Target Clock from DesignBoom
Takaratomy Xiao Instant Digital Camera from AudioCubes
Tengu a USB-powered Lip-Synching Character from Unica Home

Energy Aware Clock from DesignBoom
Black an White Clock from Kibardi Design

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