Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Rainbows

I am obsessed with these found objects put together by artists Gilles Cenazandotti and Thierry Lede with their Clear Art Planet project which aims to clean the world beaches. Once I had an interview at a super-cool design firm and someone had a huge wall of found objects just like this. Instantly jealous! It would take me a lifetime to put something together like this.

Clockwise from top left:
Colored masking tape from Sandra Juto
Rainbow Lollipop Tutu from Lily Jill Bowtique
Embroidered Circles from Anu Tuominen's portfolio
Tomato Rainbow from Sycamore Street's Flickr
Rainbow Village Card from Fred Flare
Hervé Léger Rainbow Bandage dress by Hervé Léger
Rainbow Travel bag by Le Sportsac
28-Layer Rainbow Cake from Serious Eats
Kitty Egg Crayons from KittyBBLove
Rainbow Heart Necklace from Fred Flare
Color Wheel Quilt from The Purl Bee
Colored Yarn from Purl Soho
Color Wheel Quilt from The Purl Bee
Color Block Crewneck from Fred Flare
Fall Pumpkin photo by Sang An


  1. looooove the rainbow cake and just about everything else in here. such a great concept!

  2. also, it reminded me of this photo i had on my phone from forever ago. don't remember the source but i loved this centerpiece as the gradient of the flowers from light to dark

  3. please make me that awesome cake! only you can do it!

  4. i'm not even sure i would know where to start! haha

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