Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Origami Folds

I really loved the composition of this photo by Snorkiesnork on Flickr (via oh joy! ). Not sure what the image is from, but the colorful cranes are adorable and seem especially fitting for an outdoor party. I think it's the bright assortment of clothespins that really seals the deal-- regular wooden clothespins wouldn't make half the statement!

I've always loved origami. Cheap decorations, good for killing time in a meeting, and if you happen to get really good at it, you could always try your hand at recreating some of the gorgeous items below. The paper lamp shade and the earrings are my personal favorites, along with the sadly-still-just-a-concept paper crane tea bags. I'd absolutely love to make a quilt out of squares like the ones from Hanna Nyman and Marie Dreiman! Maybe when I retire..

Clockwise from top left: 
Folded "Propellerheads" paper tesselation from EricGjerde's photostream on Flickr 
DIY paper table lanterns by Design*Sponge (simple tutorial)
Origami print tumblers by soule on Etsy via Apartment Therapy 
Large white pendant shade by Claire Norcross for Habitat (£65.00)
Lucky wheel origami earrings in funnysky's Etsy store ($5, hundreds of other origami items!)
Structured origami skirt in purple from Topshop ($80)
Silver origami windmill necklace from Origami Bijou ($60)
Folded fabric for a Bogesunds Vaveri tradebooth by Hanna Nyman and Marie Dreiman 
Hand-folded origami dish from EndemicWorld ($145)
Paper crane origami teabag design by Natalia Ponomareva via Emily Chang 
Origami table design by Matthias Demacker for van Esch

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  1. Wow amazing, that's too bad that I don't have too much time for this, but I still try to in my job lunch time because I really like it.
    Thanks excellent photos.