Thursday, October 29, 2009

Take-out Flowers

I loved this photo from a set titled "Take-out flowers" by Jiseon Park and Eunho Kim (on SDesign Unit  via Apartment Therapy). Their clever use of ice cream cones and other everyday objects for transporting and displaying delicate arrangements strikes a fine balance between cutesy and quirky.

My approach to this post was to create a complementary setting for this shot--a room with a wall just begging for a large framed print of waffle cones, brimming with colorful wildflowers.  While embracing the bright palette, I also chose to select some neutral tones and organic materials that mirrored the playful juxtaposition presented above. Cute and quirky, just the way I like 'em.

Clockwise from top left:
Birdcage pendant lamp on Dutch By Design (£45)
Early 20th century industrial cage lights from Rewire 
Miner's bottle in Amber from Anthropologie ($14)
Yellow tuxedo ruffle curtain at Urban Outfitters ($42)
Amethyst votive holder from ABC Home ($75)
Cooled globes lamp by Anthropologie ($298)
Trumpet flowers in Emerald from Love by Amy Butler 
Pillow cover in Pink Coriander by Amy Butler from Lilybethgoodies on Etsy ($14)
Lima alpaca throw in fuschia from Crate and Barrel ($169)
PJÄS basket with base from Ikea ($12.99)
Coming and going coat rack from Urban Outfitters ($68)
Antoinette fainting sofa in Aubergine from Urban Outfitters ($575)
Round parasol rug by Thomas Paul 
David Stark gold flower candle lanterns for West Elm ($12-$34)

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